Would You Like To Volunteer With All To Christ Youth Mission?

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There is a leadership vacuum in our organisation. We need people who will volunteer with their skills to come assist in training our board by introducing to them new strategies to lead and develop the organisation and that will maximize our changes to reach the highest peak of our vision.


We also need teachers from different aspects to come and help our organisation, which include after school study group classes. Part of our plan is to open classes for upgrading children especially those in form 3 and form 5. We need teachers with the following qualifications; Science, Mathematics, English, Geography and History and we also need teachers whose qualification are based on arts.


It is our mandate to open a preschool soon, we also need teachers who are skillful in teaching a child from tender age till they are ready for grade one. The number of children in our church are increasing every Sunday. We need to train Sunday school teachers with all the skills necessary to raise a child the right way. We also need people who will volunteer with their skills to train our children ministry teachers as well as teaching the children.

Life Skills