Currently up to date All To Christ Youth Mission has helped 12 orphaned youth go to school.  We would have loved to help more children but because of lack of funds we are limited. Due the condition of our community that is not conducive for most school going children to be academically competent. We are also doing evening and week study groups even during school holidays. This is aimed to improve the academic results from our community, we do this through voluntary individual willingness to support us facilitate our study groups. This has brought reforms in some children who were doing very bad in their school work. We still need more volunteers from the Kingdom of Eswatini and abroad to come assist in this program.

Skills Training

All To Christ Youth Mission has also played a vital role in bringing some life-skills training classes in the community with an alarmingly jobless population including youth;

With our carpentry skill training we have trained eight young men from the community. Starting from manual hand tools, making simple items including benches and tables, to industrial tools to make industrial furniture including cabinet fitting and many more. Some are now employed by big carpentry companies in Eswatini.

Sewing skill training, starting from some basic hand sewing to domestic machine and industrial machine. We trained about fifteen youth girls and ten women that are now sewing items to earn a living. Some items were sewn for donating purpose to some needy children.

Clean Water

Water is a major threat in the community, everyone from the community has to get water from far away contaminated rivers. Some are forced to travel about 3 km to get water from rivers. We are in the process of drilling an under-ground water supply to our center, the water will also benefit 108 homesteads with an approximately 500 family members within a radius of 3 km from our main center.

Community Center

All To Christ Youth Mission is also building a 30 m x 12 m church structure which is now on the roof level. It will be used as a meeting hall for the community during special community gathering. We are striving to build our main center that will also include accommodation for volunteers coming to support the mission.

We are also looking forward to building a preschool and a center for small children where they will be taught the same elementary education and provided with food.