Children ministry forms the most important commission of All To Christ Youth Mission. We know that the childhood stage is the only best time to instill good morals in a person. It has been proven that from the ages of 0-7 years a mind of a person is like an empty bucket and it is the best time to fill it with the stuff, it is also the most fragile stage of a person.

It very important to be selective to the things that you instill in a mind of a child. We believe that a child need an environment that will favour the growth of a child. We living in world criminals, bad leaders with selfish ambitions because some failed their duties.

Raising a child should be a vital creative process. Raising a child based on the word of God is our main focus. They meet at the church to learn more about Christ, his love, generosity and that is a powerful way of empowering. With the knowledge they get they are able to influence those of their age with the gospel.

However, we have few needs in this ministry. Some of the children they are coming from very poor families, they sometimes go without food the whole day, and they need clothes to cover their bodies, school uniforms and health benefits.