Our vision is to raise funds to help orphans and vulnerable children through paying their school fees and taking care of their other basic needs such as food and clothing while edifying them in the love of Christ.

Our Objectives

  • Give support to youth including orphaned and vulnerable children (OVCs) by providing shelter in the housing, informal schools, gardens projects, latrines and wells.
  • Teach and give support to youth to start different projects in their communities through the gospel of God’s love, salvation and forgiveness through Jesus Christ to all man kind
  • Contribute to spiritual to the development of the society and peace of all human beings by dissemination of the gospel which is the ultimate order of God for all sections in Christianity through missionary and its related works.
  • Obtain funding from private companies, close corporations and aid organizations.

Our Values

Jesus Christ is the foundation of what we do. Everything we do must be covered in prayer and the earnest desire to do God’s will. We believe that our words about the Lord are made authentic by lives lived according to his word. The love of Jesus Christ flows not only to us but through one another and those outside the church. Caring for one another is the key point of winning many souls to our Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is at work within us, but only we invite him to comfort, guide, transform and empower. The abundant love and forgiveness offered to us by God through Jesus are not earned or deserved the are free gifts by God’s grace we humbly and gratefully receive.

How We Empower Youth

  • Empowering Youth with their skills
  • Empowering Youth in their Walk with Christ
  • Empowering Youth with their Education
  • Empowering Youth to help the Community

How We Raise Funds

  • Agriculture
  • Sewing
  • Carpentry
  • Music
  • Fundraisers
  • Concerts
  • Craft Markets