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Youth forms the largest segment in our community of which many of them are stricken […]

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Would You Like To Volunteer With All To Christ Youth Mission? If so please fill […]

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Children ministry forms the most important commission of All To Christ Youth Mission. We know […]


There are different donation streams where you can send your donations; we value your option […]


Clay Potts Trust founded by Pastor Kenneth Jefferson of Scotland, in collaboration with their church […]


Unearthing hidden potentials by bringing into life what appears to be waste.

We are young people that believe we have been called and sent by God to serve him with honesty and integrity in a capacity that is beyond our age and limitation.

“If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the needs of afflicted souls, then your light will rise in darkness and your night will be like noonday” (ISV) Isa 58:10

This is a non-denominational cutting edge organisation founded by Future Shabangu in Eswatini on the year 2010.

This is for the development of orphans youth and children in their life long journey with Christ by alleviating poverty to eliminate school drop out as well as the wider community substantially at the risk from the AIDS pandemic with its associated social difficulties.

It is legal registered in Eswatini and the UK (with Stewardship).