Youth forms the largest segment in our community of which many of them are stricken by backgrounds of poverty and lack of care. We believe that youth play a big role in the world and also pave the way for the future.

We believe that the stability of a country could not be measured by its economic capacity, but by its effort it put to the weak to make them strong. Development efforts must target and capture the youth population to have tangible and meaningful impact in the society.

Needs for the Youth. We have observed with dismay at how the condition seems to be moving from positive to negative, when it comes to the welfare of the youth yet they are the future leaders. The culture of poverty and lack of care and not embracing diversity does not cultivate a conducive environment for our youth to strive and flourish.

It is more than impossible for children from very poor background family to have an access to high education in our country. Living cost at the institutions are very high and become a barrier to economically unstable children, even if they have the potential and capability to be admitted at the institution.

Our government sponsorship does not cater all your needs, including food and accommodation. This has affected many children for those poor background family that forces many to drop out.