Clay Potts Trust founded by Pastor Kenneth Jefferson of Scotland, in collaboration with their church is Eswatini, Mbabane Chapel. They have donated us with nine sewing machines and some carpentry tools and also donated funds for building a movable carpentry shed; and also send volunteers to give some basic training to the organisation.

Pastor Jon and Jude Skinner and Andy Mahers of Sherbone of St John Chapel, they have funded us with some funds to build a 30 m x 12 m church structure that will be currently used as a training center for our organisation. They have also funded salaries for some short term professional staff as teachers in sewing and carpentry.

Eswatini Charitable Trust, another trust worthy of supporters at All To Christ they donated some fencing material for building our main center and also donated the organisation with funds for drilling underground water to supply water to our site and help 108 homesteads with about 503 family members with clean water.

From our Executive Director

On behalf of the organization and the surrounding community thank you for joining or taking part of All To Christ Youth Mission. We thank God for your calling to be here. We as an organization believe that we are called to be a blessing to all of those around us and us as either a staff member or volunteer need to set this example. We need to live a life of Christ and share this love as much as possible.

When All TO Christ Youth Mission started we aimed to aid the orphans of Vusweni by sending them to school. Now as we go on you can be part of this. As you know nothing in this world comes without challenges and we are no stranger to this and with your help you are able to take some of the pressure off. Just like the body of Christ we cannot do this by ourselves, we also require you to be here for us.

I believe everyone who has joined us has been called by the Lord. I would like to say thank you for acting on the call of God to use you as his vessel in this ministry. We as an organization are still growing and still learning about our future which God has in store for us, but we do know our calling and our name is a reflection of this, we are giving all to Christ, and training the youth about him and bringing them under his grace.

We are an ever changing ministry and are always ready to have new ideas. My heart is open to everyone with ideas or anything to make this ministry thrive and grow. I pray that whatever your role is, that God will bless you in this ministry.

Yours in Christ: Future Shabangu